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Yet these Italian artists are poorly represented in British collections, so this opportunity to focus on one of the prime movers feels like a rare treat. The work of Giacomo Balla, however, isnt at first sight quite what youd expect. Born 1871 and the oldest of the group, Balla started out as a rather sugary, academic Impressionist. After showing us a jumble of paintings, including a couple of rare but rather muted early Futurist works, the show focuses on exercises in decorative pattern-making that might lend themselves more to textile design than painting per se. View photos Giacomo Balla's Expansion of Spring (1918) Credit: The Biagiotti Cigna Foundation More This, however, is where the exhibition comes into its own. Drawn entirely from the collection of top Italian fashion designers Laura Biagiotti and Gianni Cigna, the show focuses on Ballas attempts to apply the Futurist ideal of transforming everyday life, through textiles, clothing, furniture and architecture from shoes to swimwear and shop-fittings. The characteristic Futurist lines of force, derived from the motion of cars and trams, are transposed onto designs for mens suits in eye-popping pinks and greens. But rather than just designs on paper, the show presents a fantastic array of actual objects: clothing from as far as back as 1916, whole suites of quite mind-boggling furniture and even the enormous revolving door of Ballas studio covered in a looping pattern in startling red, yellow and blue designed to evoke the notion of eternity. Balla saw himself not so much as a painter-turned-designer as an artist using the human body and the surfaces of everyday life as his canvas.

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"When we taste the maple syrup we taste all our souvenirs (memories)" says Picard, who opened a sugar shack nine years ago. It remains one of the toughest reservations to get in the region and was voted one of the top 100 restaurants in Canada. Image caption Sap being turned into syrup at the Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack He says people who have never tasted the golden syrup might be surprised by its unique flavour, which can have hints of toffee and spice, herbs and flowers. "But this is the best sugar in the world," says Picard. The idea that maple syrup could indeed be seen as the world's best sugar is the driving ambition of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. The Federation and its efforts have helped turn a provincial cottage industry into big business. Prior to the 1930s, maple syrup was made mostly in the United States, says Michael Farrell, director of Cornell University's maple syrup research centre. It used to be that every farm in the US northeast and Canada would tap their own sugar maples and produce syrup - some to sell, some to keep. Widespread industrialisation in New England and the rise of cheap white sugar meant that maple production in the US fell into decline.

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